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End of school holidays and sad, home alone dogs.

Back to school can be a hard time for all of us. Back to routine. Back to the kids going to school and parents off to work. This can be especially hard for our dogs,  when they’ve had their people around all the time. Plenty of entertainment, constant company and then it’s back to long…

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Keeping pets cool in Summer

Do you worry about your pet in the heat? Worry that they are feeling as uncomfortable as you? Or worse? And seriously, why do we still hear about dogs dying in hot cars? Today’s blog is all about how to keep your pets cool in the heat. I will share some simple strategies to help…

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Two Rabbits

“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” Russian proverb This saying came up in my Facebook feed today. If you have never tried to catch two rabbits, it will not hold the same meaning. I have 10 baby rabbits in a run in my backyard, and yesterday they pushed over the wire,…

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