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Keeping your pets safe over christmas

Pet safety over Christmas Christmas is just so much fun. There are presents, guests, food, fun, family, food, music, did I mention food yet? But this means there is also more hazards about which can be dangerous for your pets. Food dangers Food at Christmas time is often full of fat, and sugar, and there…

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26 Christmas presents to buy your pets

Christmas presents for your pets The most common present owners will give their dogs at Christmas is rawhide chew toys. These are terrible gifts to give. They are full of toxic chemicals, bleaches and glues and dyes. But even worse than the toxic load, is the risk of choking or blockages throughout the intestinal tract.…

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Does a homemade diet really need supplements?

Is supplementing necessary in a homemade diet? A homemade diet is one of the healthiest ways to feed your dogs and cats, but only when done right. There are many dogs and cats out there being fed a wonderfully balanced and complete homemade diet, but unfortunately, there are many more that are not. People are…

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