26 Christmas presents to buy your pets

Christmas presents for your pets

The most common present owners will give their dogs at Christmas is rawhide chew toys.

These are terrible gifts to give.

They are full of toxic chemicals, bleaches and glues and dyes. But even worse than the toxic load, is the risk of choking or blockages throughout the intestinal tract.

So lets cross these off the Christmas list, and find something safer.

Cats usually do better at Christmas, with a little toy to play with. This is much safer than a rawhide chew.

But we can still up the ante on our gifts.

Here are 26 Christmas gifts to give your pet.

So what are good Christmas present ideas for your pets?

1. A new collar and lead for your dog, or a new bell for your cats collar.

Something functional for your pet is a a great way to go. These are things they will be able to use for the rest of the year. Who doesn’t love a new outfit or new jewels for Christmas!

2. Safe toys

Toys like the KONG®, these toys are made from strong durable rubber which much safer than the cheaper plastic toys they chew and swallow small pieces of plastic. KONG® toys Are usually stuff-able. You can put some of their meals in them and freeze, making them a great entertainer for a hot summers day. Especially for when we have to leave them behind for the day.

Festive KONG® stuffer

1/2 cup cranberries berries, Bone broth– cool and gelled, 1/2 cup turkey pieces.

When stuffing the KONG®, work quickly with the mix. a good bone broth will gel when cold. Mix this together and stuff into the KONG® and freeze. If you are not fast enough, your bone broth will melt, and you will have a liquid to try to contain in the KONG®.

3. Silicone moulds

These moulds are great for making Gummy chew treats, or ice bites for your pet over the hot summer, but also for making little additions to add into their diet. You can use moulds to freeze individual portions of bone broth, or kefir. Some nice icy pole recipes are

Berry delicious-

1 cup frozen berries

1 cup coconut water

1/2 cup coconut cream

Blend together until smooth, pour into silicon moulds and freeze. Add one to their meals for an antioxidant boost.

Bone broth- recipe here

Liver and mushroom treats

Rehydrate 1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms. Once rehydrated, blend mushroom and soaking water with 1/4 cup liver.


4. Chew treats such as bully sticks, cows hooves, or other dehydrated treat.

Making sure these have not been heated and treated with preservatives. Beef hooves can be filled with mince, and frozen. Peanut butter or anchovy paste can also be spread over the inside of them.

5. New training treats, like liver treats.

Liver treats made from dehydrated liver make a great training treat that can be fed over the year. These are best not given in too much quantity, as they have high levels of vitamin A.

6. Home baked treats

This is a way to give them some baked goods without all of the additives commercial baked goods have in them. This is one of the nicest gift to give. Something you have made from the heart, and you can control exactly what is in them. If you don’t like your dog or cat to have grains, these can be made with sweet potato or even banana .

Another option for Raw fed pets, for the non bakers like myself is homemade dehydrated treats. You can cut liver or even minute steaks into Christmas shapes and make jerky.

7. New grooming tools

Does your pet need some new nail clippers, or brush?

8. Individualised meal plan and diet for them

Good nutrition is really giving them the gift of preventative health care and good health. This can be a diet you have researched and worked out to their requirements, or it could be a professionally formulated one like I do, which are individualised and formulated diets. If you are after this kind of service- look on my work with me page

9. New bedding

If they have chewed up their old bed, or if they have smelly old blankets. Getting them a new bed and a new blanket can be a great present.

10. Training

This is another one of those perfect, yet functional gifts.

But honestly, the best gift you can give your pet, short of good nutrition, is the gift of good manners and behaviours. Dogs that are well behaved are able to be taken to more places, they can be integrated into everyday life easier. Poorly behaved dogs are the ones that need to be locked in the backyard every time someone comes to visit.

11. Professional grooming

Getting your pet a nice professional wash, and a nice clipped coat (for suitable breeds) if nice to have over summer. Even a good brush down can help to move out the last of the winter coat.

We all like a nice fresh cut before the holiday season starts.

12. Doggy daycare

Give the gift of company and entertainment over the next year. They will appreciate this so much more than something like a chew they finish on Christmas day.

Dogs are social creatures, and benefit from interacting with other dogs and having company. This of course, depends on the dog, and their socialisation. This could create more stress than its worth in other dogs.

13. Safe pot plant

Indoor cats and dogs really appreciate having access to grass.

There is many reasons why they like to eat grass. If they have a stomach ache, and need to vomit, or if they have something they need to pass, like some bone fragments.

A pot plant with some cat grass, or even some wheat grass is really easy to grow, and they will love it.


14. Rope toys

These can be great for most pets. As long as your pet doesn’t chew and swallowing bits off the toy.

These come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find one suitable for all sized dogs, and special cat ones.

I have even seen these made from old cut up jeans.

15. New Name tag

Check how clear your pets name tag is.

Has it worn away a little? Is the number clear? Is the hole for the tag worn and nearly breaking through?

It might be time to get a new one engraved.

A clear name tag can mean someone who finds your dog can ring you directly, rather than having to get your pet to the vet for microchip identification, or having to take them to the pound.

16. New food or water bowl

Are your dog bowls worse for wear?

Are they ceramic and have a crack in them? Cracks or chips in ceramic and glass can actually create a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. If they need an update, now is the perfect opportunity.

17. Cardboard scratching post

These are great new options for a cat scratch post. They are available commercially, or you could even make your own with some left over boxes. They can then be recycled at the end of their use, rather than landfill.

And I am yet to meet a cat that doesn’t love a good scratch

18. Wall perch or hammock bed for your cats

Cats love beds that are high, where they can overlook the going-ons in the room.

Having a special wall perch, or shelf specially for your cat to jump onto and sleep.

Plus, cats make the best ornaments on the wall. A hammock bed which can be suspended from furniture, or even the ceiling are the most beautiful, comfortable bed. I think I want one.

19. New kennel

Does your dog have an outside bed they have had since puppyhood, covered in chew marks and peeling paint? Or Is the kennel really a size too small for them?

Giving them a new kennel can be a great gift. If they don’t really need a new kennel, you could even give their current kennel a tidy up. a fresh coat of paint, and their name stencilled onto it.

20. Portrait of your pet

There are many artists around that can create a custom artwork of your pet. How great for your wall. Even a professional photography session for you to get some nice pictures of you all together. A lovely keepsake.

21. Cardboard box

This is for cats. I mean they are not going to appreciate any gift you give them as much as they will the cardboard box something else came in. Why not just give them the box!

22. Ball thrower

These are great for dogs that like to chase the ball, and it can give you a much greater throw than your arms alone. Tennis balls can damage a dogs teeth, if they are allowed to play with them obsessively, but when used in moderation, these make a great gift.


23. Relaxing pet friendly music

Often I dont think our pets really appreciate our music choices as much as we do.

There is music specially made for our pets. I have not tried it, so cant vouch for it, however even some nice relaxing massage music, which is soothing and calming will be nice.

24. Massage

You could give them a massage voucher to go with their nice relaxing music. You can also learn to do it at home. there are you-tube videos to teach you how to massage your pets.

25. Donation to the RSPCA in their name

If you are reading this blog post, chances are your pet wants for nothing. They are well loved, and well cared for. Why not give a donation to some needy pets that are in desperate need of some of that love and consideration.

Better still, adopt a few more pets…

26. Your time and attention.

This is really the number one gift your pet is going to appreciate over and above anything else. I promise you.

Well, for your loyal companion the dog. Your cat on the other hand, may prefer to have your immediate response to their many demands in life.


Do you have a favourite gift you like to give your pet for Christmas?

Let us know in a comment below.

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