About Me

I am a Naturopath, and a Natural Animal Health Consultant. 

I live in the beautiful Nambucca Valley, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

I have many animals that I share my life with. My favorites would have to be my two dogs, Arrow and Delta.

My Qualifications so far consist of:

  • Bachelor Health Science - Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma of Natural Medicine (Nutrition)
  • Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma Remedial Therapies
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Natural Animal Health Consultant Certificate

With more to come.....

My Story

I always wanted to be a vet. I love animals, and I love healing. My careers adviser at school thought it was a bad idea, and talked me out of it.

So what did I want to do? Medicine? No, I don't like treating people. I was totally unsure of what I wanted to do, as my one dream had been squashed.

I went to a careers fair, there was a host of other universities, Tafe, Defence Forces, etc, trying to promote their courses. There was also a small college there, offering courses on Natural Medicine. I grew up in a very conventional medicine family,  mum was even a pharmacy assistant.

But herbs. I loved herbs. I have loved herbs since I was a kid. I would make all kinds of "medicine" in the garden and take the concoction to mum, in order to take and make her better. As a young teenager, I had a "herbal dispensary" ranging from raspberry root bark to dried dandelion leaves. I used to store it, poorly, in a little basket under my bed. I just lacked the knowledge of how to use it.

As a reward for achieving Dux of the school, mum said that I could choose a book that she would buy for me. I chose a herbal medicine book.

But I digress....

So Herbal Medicine.... As a Career! ???

You can get paid to play with herbs all day???!!!

OH MY GOD! How did I not know about this sooner?

So that is what I did.

But they were still humans clients... that was a problem.

Anyway, I worked in a health food shop for many years, opened a practice, but alas, still humans. So I enrolled in a course with CIVT (College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies). Holistic animal care, offered by holistic vets. Fantastic! Right up my alley. I couldn't get enough.

Then I thought  "I should study Veterinary Science and become an holistic vet. I enrolled in a pre-vet course. Now I was doing REALLY well. High Distinctions.... But this came at a price, that my two young kids, under 4, were paying. They hated me studying. They hated the word "chemistry". I made a really hard decision and deferred uni. I just couldn't do that to them whilst so young. Four years later, kids were older, So I resumed study. I transferred to a Bachelor Animal Science- Canine and Equine Science. This gives me the option of further research, or a Masters Veterinary Medicine, If I decide to go that way 

So Here I am. With my study and my natural animal health care business. It's my passion, which makes it perfect for me.

I am also very good at treating humans. They are, after all, an animal too. They just don't appreciate the pat on the head as much.

Introducing my pets


Arrow is my beautiful German Shepherd/ Border Collie cross. He is an amazing companion. He sits at my feet, at my desk whilst I work. He is still only a (BIG) puppy. He is exuberant and lively. He was a free to good home puppy, that has only cost us around $1000, by the time you add in all the de-sexing, chewing and damaging, etc etc... As my Husband says, "there is no such thing as a free dog"
He is very energetic, and goes for nice big runs with my husband on his bike. He is nice, and (mostly) obedient. We do have a few manners that need some work, but he is getting there. all teenagers test the boundaries.
He is great with the kids, when he is not jumping on them. He also loves a good scratch on the tummy.
He is on a raw species specific diet. Dogs are naturally carnivores, and scavengers, so he has to get his meals himself. hehe, only joking! He does, however, like to add a delicious side of cow, goat, or chicken poo to his menu.

Kerrie Hyland and Arrow

Kitty Cat Splat

Best. Cat. Ever. Kitty Cat Splat was our cat. She was a typical cat, who liked pats on her tummy, until she didn't. She liked pats on her terms, which were likely to change at any minute. It seems that cats are the one animals (well, goats too) that can get away with all sorts of behaviours that you would never tolerate from a dog. She would sometimes scratch, or bite the kids, and the kids would get yelled at... "LEAVE THE CAT ALONE! You see that tail waving around kids? LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Unfortunately Kitty cat splat lived up to her name. she got hit on the road. Very sad.

We did try to replace Kitty. I was not allergic to Kitty, but strangely the new kitten was like one big ball of allergy. I had the most terrible sinus, sneezed all day, and got asthma so terribly, that at times I couldn't breathe. So I had a choice to make. New kitten, or breathing.....
Took me about a week of not being able to breathe to realize it really was an important activity, and re-homed the kitten.



Not technically my dog, but my mothers dog. She is one of the prettiest dogs around... pretty annoying! No, she is a nice dog, she just has the unfortunate "yap" habit, so common to small dogs. My kids love her. She also jumps on them, but its not nearly as offensive by a 7kg dog!

My Husband Trent

So technically not a pet, but does require the same care. I feed him, scold him, and I don't allow him to smell other peoples crutches. Boy I take all the fun away, don't I?!
He thinks that he is more important that the other pets, as he EARNS thousands of dollars per year, instead of COSTING thousands of dollars per year, like goats, but seriously, the goats don't complain anywhere near as much, and Arrow is always happy to see me. Also, all of them were totally fine when I told them I accidentally bought $317 worth of books from amazon. Trent wasn't.


My Goats

I love goats. I have trouble not making this whole page about them. I even thought about treating only goats. Apparently not such a great idea, according to, well, everyone that is not as obsessed with goats as I am.

Goats are the best.

They are meant to be "livestock" which they are to my husband. But for me, they are pests, I mean pets. They are expensive, and for the most part, useless. Apparently he doesn't like spending hundreds of dollars per week on our "milk".

Sadly, we had to move into town, so the goats had to go to a new home. My Daughter accused me of "throwing away the goats". She was heart broken. This is why I didnt tell her that they got into the advocado trees, the day they were getting picked up by their new owner. Seriously these goats had never got into the fenced off section I had carefully constructed to keep them (goats and trees) safe. Advocado is really very toxic, and my favourite goat in the world actually died of a heart failure 48hrs later.

I was heartbroken.

I hate goats. They break your trees and your heart.

I will venture into goats one day again. maybe not while we live in town though.  

Pets I want

(but not allowed according to the husband pet)
A Horse.
Apparently horses cost more than goats, and produce less milk.
So one day I will have a horse. I like useless animals (see above pet), and a horse wont be so useless if the car breaks down.....